According to Vastu, your bed should be placed with the head towards the east or south.

The bed placement according to Vastu in the master bedroom is important as it influences the sleep quality and health of the family. As per Vastu experts, the sleeping position in the master bedroom is either the south or the west. The bed should be placed against the wall in the south or the west so that your legs point towards the north or the east when you lie down.

Avoid bed placement in the corner of the room as this prevents positive energy from flowing freely.  According to the Vastu, the bed position should be along the central part of the wall so that there’s enough space to move around.

  • Place the bed in the south-west zone. Ensure that when you’re sleeping, your head is in the south or in the east. This is how your body soaks up positive vibrations. Sleeping with your head in the north is a strict no-no, as per Vastu.
  • It is recommended that the bed be made of wood, and it is either shaped like a square or a rectangle.
  • Don’t place the bed directly under a beam. However, if you can’t help it, then it is a good idea to design a false ceiling for the bedroom.
  • Don’t place the bed too close to the walls; there must be enough space to access the bed from both sides.

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